Timely and AccuracyCommunication

We are people who make people understand each other through communication.

Interpretation and Translation Services

We offer English and Japanese language translation and Interpretation. (speaker following interpretation, whispering interpretation, simultaneous interpretation).


Tape Transcription and Sub-title

Transcriping Japanese tape into Thai language. And Making Japanese sub-title of Thai language vedio clip.


Training and Coaching

Japanese course for those who work under Japanese Organization. Course for full-time interpreter. Course for freelance interpreter.



Our mission is understandable well communication.

Interpretation works which are Important Meeting e.g. Stake holder meeting , Committee Meeting and besides Audit e.g. ISO Audit, JIS Audit besides Consultant e.g. Maketing Planning, Organization Review.

Translation Works which are Government Document, Work Regulation, ISO Document, Skill Competition Test.


Our Team

Many fields of staff in order to keep up with any situations.

Teacher EM

Interpreter who love teaching

Teaching and Coaching out of own experience, also other experience that he was taught.


Beginner Web Developer

It's still long way to go. But even a turtle can keep up until the goal if it keep walking. So do me.